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1Clixb - Empty Clixb - on Sun Sep 04, 2011 7:05 pm


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Hi everyone, My name is Richard Crowson. As we all know that, almost PTC sites go scam in just few months. The common reason is that their business strategy is the same, and this strategy doesn't ensure that they will make enough profit to maintain their PTC .
Fortunately, We found a great person named Nelson - he is an administrator of - a PTC site which lives more than 3 years. Why? Because he uses an unique and intelligent system which offer stable and safe profit to his members.
So we applies his strategy to CLixB to make sure our first PTC site will become the best PTC in the world. Thank Nelson!
We will give the first 1000 members Pioneer Membership which has a 10% discount on purchasing higher memberships
We wish you luck and hope you will have great earning!

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